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The new box E-ticket YEP!

February 23, 2022

In order to go comfortably and quickly by public transport, Kharkivites do not need to exchange money, stand in line and ask passengers to pass the rest.

Due to the unique E-ticket electronic fare system, it is enough to have only one card, which you can pay the fare by in the subway, trams, trolleybuses and new buses!
You can top up your E-ticket in the box for any amount up to 550 UAH. So you don’t need petty cash to move around the city.

Now a new box is also set at: 167, Shevchenko street.
This is a tram stop for 26 and 16A routes.

In the box you can not only top up the card, but also buy a new E-ticket!
Now our main task is to set as many boxes as possible at all stops in Kharkiv, so that citizens can quickly top up their cards with no being late anywhere!

Congratulate on a new easy box opening and wish you a pleasant trip with the E-ticket.


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