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E-ticket YEP – “change money” NOPE

February 23, 2022

When you are in a hurry to work, an important meeting, a date or a train, every minute is valuable!
Unfortunately, in the boxes of the Kharkiv metro you can buy a ticket only with small money (up to 10 UAH). But what if there are only large bills in the wallet?

You start asking other passengers, sellers in small shops, cashiers in cafes.
But usually everybody says everywhere: "There is no change!"

Everyone who has come across this situation knows from their own experience that it is very difficult to change money. As the result we get upset and late for everywhere.

Take care of your comfort - buy and use the E-ticket card in Kharkiv to pay the fare!

You will forget about changing money in public transport with the E-ticket. At any time, the card can be topped up in the amount of up to 550 UAH  at the boxes located in the passageways and at the metro stations, at tram, trolleybus and bus stops.

And the E-ticket validators for fare are at all Kharkiv metro stations and in ground public transport!

No need to have small money to move freely and quickly around the city. It is enough to have only one E-ticket card and forget about the difficulties.

We care about your comfort.
You can buy a card at all E-ticket boxes. More details for you is on E-ticket Kharkiv site.


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