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The new bus route 67е with the E-ticket YEP

February 23, 2022

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine after Kyiv!
So the aim of public transport is to provide fast, comfortable and accessible moving around the city.
And the task of the E-ticket: not just to prevent Kharkivites from standing in lines, exchanging money, inconveniences when paying the fare; but also to inform about current transport news!

So the breaking news:
A new bus route 67e  has been started in Kharkiv.
It goes from “Kholodna Hora” to “Tsentralnyi Rynok” metro stations with stops:

Bus route
“Kholodna Hora” metro station
Hryhorivske highway
Combainivska street
Electrychna street
Hrushevsky street
Mendeleev street
Profspilkovyi boulevard
Bavarska street
Vykonkomivska street
Grigorivska street
Dovatora street
Bondarivska street
Seminarska street
Velyka Honcharivska street
Poltavskyi Shlyah
Blahovishchenska street
Dmitrivska street
“Tsentralnyi Rynok” metro station

Return bus route
“Tsentralnyi Rynok” metro station
Slavyanska street
Koneva street
Velyka Honcharivska street
Seminarska street
Pushkarivska street
Dovatora street
Grigorivska street
Vykonkomivska street
Hrushevskoho street
Mendeleeva street
Hrushevskoho (Hryhorivske highway)
Combainivska street
Hryhorivske highway (TL27)
“Kholodna Hora” metro station

Fare: 9.00 UAH.
New KARSAN buses are on the route.

Pay attention!
It’s possible to pay only by E-ticket, X-card (Kharkiv citizen’s card) and one-time tickets, which you can buy at E-ticket boxes. Paying in cash is impossible.
Due to this, passengers will be able to pay the fare without pushing, queuing and getting nervous. The driver will not be distracted. And the bus will always arrive on time

Now to move around the city will be much more comfortable.
Have a good journey with the new route 67e!


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0 800 505-685
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