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New design of E-ticket cards!

February 23, 2022

One of the main tasks of the E-ticket today is to change the way of communication with every Kharkiv citizen.
Public transport is getting comfortable, fast , efficient and affordable way to move around, E-ticket is an important tool for every passenger due to our transparency!

Listening to the people, who has already used the E-ticket helps us to understand, which current issues Kharkivites care about, what people want. We will be able to react faster in any situation and get feedback.
E-ticket is finally getting clear and convenient for pensioners. We will tell you where to get a social card, how to add funds to E-ticket, where to scan the card for paying, what to do if you have difficulties, etc.

These changes have already started and they apply to all areas: media, helpline operation, published materials, software, hardware and even corporate identity. The updated E-ticket website (eticket.kharkiv.ua) will be available soon!

Many citizens of Kharkiv have already seen the new design of plastic cards for public transport.

  • Instead of green color , we took light and soft blue, which is nice-looking.
  • The updated logo is well associated with transport. We took letter "E" which is already well-known and built upon it. We’ve just added an icon with a particular rounding. It visually refers to the logo of the transport category.

Now everyone is able to find  E-ticket quickly and accurately among other cards in their wallet!
The new card design represents the brand new E-ticket - modern, simple, accessible, ready for open dialogue and solving any problems of public transport. 

Blue cards are already available to purchase at all E-ticket terminals around the city! The new card works the same way as the previous one: just scan it with the validator - and the fare will be automatically taken out of an account.
The green card  also works  with no any changes.

Have you already used a blue E-ticket?
Please let us know how you like the new design.


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