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Our motto: "E-ticket YEP !"

February 23, 2022

What is E-ticket?
This is not a vague plastic card, which is in your wallet just in case.
E-ticket is a convenient and fast system where you can pay the fare in all means of public transport, which is available in Kharkiv only!
This is an opportunity to get aware of the current news about the work of transport, to solve any problems and issues related to the work of the E-ticket.

The phrase "E-ticket YEP!" gets symbolic for Kharkovites . What does it mean?
E-ticket YEP! unique.comfortable.modern. Kharkiv fare system.
“E-ticket YEP” -  is convenience and care.
“E-ticket YEP” –  paying in cash “NOPE” 

Why do you need our card?
To pay the fare (subway , tram, trolleybus, new bus ) E-ticket YEP!
In order not to look for cash every time,
E-ticket YEP!
In order not to stand in line for tickets,
E-ticket YEP!
In order not to pay in cash, E-ticket YEP!

To pay the fare in Kharkiv public transport has  become more comfortable, modern, fast and open for you.

Do you have a card? - So, you have a reliable assistant, a friend and an expert on public transport in Kharkiv.
We will try to help you to search for lost items in the tram, trolleybus, subway or bus, find out the timetable of transport and even find toilets at subway stations.

People have already said about us: “E-ticket YEP! -problems nope!"

You do not need to swear, push, be running late or get nervous. Just the only one card makes your life better and provides lots of opportunities for you.

Almost everyone in Kharkiv has E-ticket! Do you have?


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0 800 505-685
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