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We’ve been changing and getting more accessible

February 23, 2022

Public transport is made to be comfortable for citizens. But unfortunately people sometimes  face transport problems they can’t solve on their own.
As a result, Kharkivites  are late, discomfited , get nervous and it accumulates negative emotions.

  • It is challenging for pensioners to understand the way the modern E-ticket cards work, what such complicated terms as validator, transaction, etc. mean, how to top up the card and what to do if it is lost.
  • Students and citizens entitled to benefits do not know who to turn to for solving financial issues of public transport.
  • In case of any difficulties, people can not decide where to turn with questions and suggestions.

Sometimes the validator does not work or the card plagues a glitch.
Our aim is to be always accessible, clear and open to Kharkiv citizens! 

On the E-ticket website you can find a map of the location of all the terminals for top-up and way more information about any questions of public transport.

You can contact us directly through social networks, the e-mail or by calling the helpline. All of these links are also provided by the official E-ticket website!

We are changing the structure of receiving and processing Kharkiv citizens’ requests to be faster, more comfortable and closer to the real people’s needs. The E-ticket system enables you to use one card in the subway, trams, trolleybuses and new buses. You don’t need to look for petty cash, exchange banknotes, stand in line for a ticket. 

Some problems and issues are related to traffic, the work of conductors or controllers. We cannot take full responsibility for solving of those issues, but we are very quick to pass on all appeals to the relevant authorities that are directly responsible for them.

We’ve been changing  and we hope the citizens’ lives will be more comfortable!

Let's discuss together the current issues of E-ticket in public transport, solve your problems, implement your suggestions and make E-ticket Kharkov better.

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