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What happens to your money after topping up the E-ticket?

February 23, 2022

In order to pay the fare in Kharkiv public transport with no queues and changing money, at some point you will decide to buy the E-ticket card.

Where can I buy the  E-ticket?
It is sold at self-service boxes located at the subway stations and entrance halls, at tram, trolleybus and bus stops.

To buy the E-ticket card, you need to deposit 36 UAH into the self-service box. If there is no exact amount, you can deposit a large denomination banknote and, following the instructions on the screen, top up the E-ticket.
You can also top up your E-ticket in Kharkiv at these self-service boxes.

But what happens to your money after replenishment the E-ticket card? Find out now!

  • You insert the E-ticket card into the box, deposit funds and the card is instantly automatically topped up. Immediately after topping up the card, you can pay the fare in public transport . Just let validators scan the card.
  • The box, where the funds were deposited, is collected by the bank over time. The bank teller carefully counts the money and sends it to the account of the municipal enterprise “PU Kharkivpass”.
  • This enterprise distributes funds between the electric transport depot and the subway as well.
  • The public transport workers receive their wages from this money on time, and they maintain the comfortable condition of subway cars, trams, trolleybuses and buses for you! And these funds are also used to upgrade the transport.

This whole process is controlled by special state bodies.

If you have any questions or difficulties when paying for public transport, we have a special "E-ticket Hotline". Contact the phone number 0 800 505 685 to solve your problem or answer your questions.

E-ticket YEP! is the transparent fare system. Therefore, you can be sure that every penny is used for your comfort and to improve the public transport working.


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0 800 505-685
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